About Woodee Pot


About Woodee Pot


100% organic

The Woodee Pot is made of all natural wood fibres. Strictly obtained from thinning out sustainable managed forests, it is 100% organic and does not contain any additives or chemical product residues, unlike glued peat, straw, coco and cardboard pots.

100% biodegradable, transforms into humus

With our precious environment in mind we made sure the Woodee Pot goes beyond 100% biodegradability. It also improves soil fertility because it transforms into humus, leaving a positive effect on soil life.

Exceptionally good cultivation pot

Woodee Pot is also an exceptionally good cultivation pot. Woodee Pots have an unsurpassed high permeability to water, air and roots, resulting in an accelerated cultivation and excellent root system. Roots can quickly penetrate the walls of the Woodee Pot, where they stop elongating when contacting air. Root buds are formed and secondary root systems start to develop throughout the Woodee Pot. After transplanting or repotting, the dormant root buds are activated again, resulting in a strongly improved establishment speed. With the Woodee Pot everyone can successfully grow plants and at the same time work on the environment.



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